4 month old with nasty red blotch on forehead?

My friend's baby be born with the tiniest red dot on her forehead. The nurses just thought it be a bruise from birth or something. Anyway, over the past four months, it has grown to be in the region of as big around as a dime, but it's lumpy and has an irregular boarder. I'm worried that it's some sort of skin cancer or tumor, but my friend said it's a birth mark. I've never within my life seen a birth dot like that. Neither had her pediatrician.

She looks close to a little hindu baby or something b/c it's contained by the dead center of her forehead. It's the same shade of red as a long-lasting marker.

Does anyone know what it might be?

Answer:    Could be a strawberry naevus. or otherwise known as an infant haemangioma. They are adjectives in babies occuring in 3-5% of babies

They may start as a small flat red area, but usually develop into a raised dimpled (strawberry like) lesion. The lesion typically grow in size as the child grows, until the age of approximately 3-4 years, when they start to regress spontaneously, a process which can take up to 10 years.

The hollow majority of strawberry naevi occur on the head and nouns, but occasionally these lesions may occur at other sites throughout the body

google it and hold a look at some pictures and see if they look like your friend's baby. If so its nought to worry about. hope this help.

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