3 yr old has all the common food allergies, what can I feed him?

My son has be allergy tested and is allergic to peanuts, walnuts, wheat, soy, corn, shellfish, & a little to milk. I took him to an allergy specialist and they asked me to get most of these things out of his diet for 4 months and next gradually reintroduce them. He gets a really runny antenna which leads to bronchitis and even pneumonia once. We are trying to stop all of that. Anyway, what can I nurture him? These ingredients are in EVERYTHING! I know fruits and veggies are ok, but.. he's 3. Also, I can't afford to order specialty foods from these allergy free grocery sites. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

Answer:    Corn is a tough one- you're right, it's contained by most everything.

You need to find a whole foods / squally oats type place in your area. These are a haven for those of us next to food allergies.

Common-allergen free baked goods (make sure they're made in dyed-in-the-wool factories!) are very, amazingly common- breads, crackers, cereal, cookies, pasta, flours.. you name it.

Usually, the gluten-free breads are frozen, not on shelves- ask! Also, look for gluten and dairy free mac and cheese- almost every whole foods surrounded by my area carries this, and it's both good-tasting and almost the same cost as 'regular' mac and cheese.

You'll also want to look for his drinking juice there- it's significantly unlikely you'll find juice without corn syrup from a regular grocery store. Alternately, you could buy your own fruit and liquid it yourself, which is a 100% way of ensuring no cross-contamination.

In regard to being allergic to milk and soy, try rice milk. It's highly unlikely that he'll take action to this, and with good flavoring (especially chocolate!) it can tang pretty close to the 'real thing'- you'll also be able to find rice-based ice cream.

Although somewhat more pricey, 'Amy's' microwave meal, soups, and pizzas are a good option for those near allergies- and a few of the meals are quite kid-friendly. Look for the ones that suit your son's requests (they're grouped into gluten free, soy free, dairy free, ect- everything you're looking for. It's best to search by corn free and look for the other appropriate symbols) at www.amyskitchen.com - that way, you can stir to the grocery store armed with a list of 'okay' meal and not have to slave over labels.

Feel free to msg me if you obligation more suggestions- lets just say aloud I've been there, done that.


Re the above answerer's comment: wheat to a child who is mildly allergic to it may be okay, but a child next to even 'mild' celiac will suffer more irreversible damage with every single exposure to gluten. There's a fine vein between allowing your child a normal life and risking their vigour..
you have to make everything from chisel and not use prepackaged foods. Since most of his allergys are to grain type products you may request that the doctor check him for a gluten allergy. You can sometimes find rice flour if you want to try it and it is not as costly as some of the other specialty foods. Both of my kids were matching way and it took a year of trial and error to figure out what they can and cant own. We restricted the allergy causing stuff but like you said they are little so when birthday party or such comes up we allow them a small piece of cake. My sister in law make rice crispy treats instead of cakes and makes her cookies near rice flour and oatmeal since her son is a more severe allergic reaction than my kids do. When your child eats a food you know will produce a reaction treat him with his allergy medication formerly he eats it to avoid the reaction the food may grounds. I agree with littlede, and would add that the reaction are caused by FUNGUS. All grains get fungus when stored in silos before they seize proccesed and the process does not kill it. Cows are fed crumb and fodder which has been stored within silos.

The fungus gets into the lungs, sinus, and gut where it cause reactions you desribe.

Suppliment with PRO-biotics to restore the gut florra. Starve the fungus by eliminate all sugar as fungus thrives on it.

Check the home environment for fungus as it can circulate through the heating/airconditioning ducts.

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