39 years old swollen left leg no other places, not pregnant.?

Help!! already taking lasix 40GM every day not helping. Left lower cut of leg swollen. It gets to the point that I feel approaching my Skin is going to split open. What else can I ask doc. 2 do.

Answer:    Have you asked your doc about LymphEdema? It is where on earth for some reason one of your lymph nodes is failing to excrete the proper amount of fluids from just one member of you body usually a lower extremity. try this web site (medterms.com).
there is also a disease call chronic inflammatory demylation polyneuropathy.(CIDP) you really need to be checked so you can begin treatment right away!
treatment consists of gamma-globulin. CIDP is a form of Guillian Barre.

the mylan sheath on your cheek endings are being destroyed. eventually this can inflict no feeling in the leg that is to say affected now. the disease affect the extremeties. it cause the arm or leg to fill with fluid because at hand is no return of fluid. the skin can get so taught and swollen it can burst unstop!

I used to take care of a woman who have the disease and her right leg weighed 30 pounds heavier than the other leg! Prop your leg up as much as you can...it needs to be sophisticated than your heart when you do so! this will keep the accumulation of fluids down. this is lone temorary because as soon as you are upright it will return....however, you need to be see!

this disease is thought to be the cause from a virus that has reactivated, but other factor might play a role like titanium-the metal. have you have any metal implants?

i know several case studies that involve culture who have had metal implant who now are thought of to have a response to it. one had oral surgery and the other had titanium metal screw and plates inserted after shattering bone. the disease began in equal leg.

it could very well be that the surgery instigated a resting virus itself.

you really need to be seen!!.
You may involve to be checked for DVT (deep vein thrombosis)

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