3/6 ejection systolic murmur?

Hi there,

I'm 15, 16 subsequent month. A while back I visited the doctors because I feel I was suffering from fatigue, he then referred me to a clinic surrounded by the hospital. They spoke to me etc and checked me over.

They said they found a heart murmur, however it's possible it could be innocent murmur because I have grown significantly within the ending few months.

Just got a letter which I be copied into which got sent from the hospital to my GP.

"Cardio-respiratory examination revealed a title 3/6 ejection systolic murmur loudest at the left sternal edge in the neighbourhood the mitral area which did not vary near posture and there was no radiation."

I'm waiting to jump back for a ECG scan and see what happens from in that.

This common, has anyone have it to them, is this serious?- any comments would be appreciated.

Answer:    Murmurs are abnormal heart sounds that are a result of turbulent blood flow which is sufficient to produce audible noise when listen to the heart with a stethoscope. This most commonly is caused from any narrowing or leaking of valves within the heart.

Murmurs are not usually part of the normal cardiac exam, so when one is noted for the first time, it is looked into a moment or two further.

The "grade" of the murmur is a subjective number that the doctor notes on your exam for comparison at a later time. Grade 1/6 is so softness that someone else listening may not hear it at all, order 6/6 is so loud that you don't even need the stethoscope to be on the chest to hear it! Grade 3/6 is right in the middle, gist the doctor felt it was moderately loud.

Basically, it's something your doc will involve a little more information on before you can know more. You'll probably enjoy an echocardiogram to take a picture of your heart and get a right look at all your valves and walls of your heart. It could aim nothing, it could mean something...but until they hold a visual image of your heart whipping, it's hard to say!

Good luck, agree to us know what you find out!.
basically it is a noise hear when your valves are opening and closing. the significance of it is misty. Await the result of your ecg and echo and discuss it with your doctor.

I am a paediatric cardiac nurse.
are you a high skinny guy? This is actually a common condition, zilch to worry about, it could even be genetic. If it is genetic, however, it probably will not travel away, and could become serious.
Usually if someone has a faulty mitral spigot (usually genetic), though, they get sharp pains along with the fatigue. Your murmur is constant, and continuous, not erratic or sporadic as a inconsistent mitral valve.
It should go away contained by your case, as soon as your heart catches up beside the rest of your body.
My mother has the genetic form, she said it was worse when she be growing, like having little heart attacks every once contained by a while. Sometimes it can mess up the electricity and rhythm of the heart to where it actually stops, or have a erratic beat (fibulation), but this is not very adjectives.

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