34 weeks pregnant. Blood in Stool. very worried. HELP!?

Ok here is the deal. This have been ongoing since approx 28 weeks...
It started as mucous in my stools. Stools be smaller but rather normal. Mucous would come previously or after a stool usually or sometimes I would get a rush of urgency and only go beyond mucous. It had a smelly odor. Then I started seeing blood. Now I see blood every day and mucous at lowest possible every other day. Sometomes I just ratify the blood/mucous with no bowel movement. I am not constipated. I do not have diahrrea. I do not doomed to failure abdominal pain, just some discomfort sometimes. I achieve a sour stomach feeling though. The urgency is really strong whether I pass stool or simply the mucous or blood. Sometimes it is hard to make it on the dot. The blood is bright red and most of the day it is just surrounded by small amounts, but atleast one time during the day it is in a larger amount. The OBGYN told me to go to my family Doc. He did an exam and found no hemmorhoids or abvious fissures. He did put me on supposotories. Nothing works. Very anxious.

Answer:    I'm 25 weeks and have had remarkably similar symptoms for quite some time now but they are slowly going away. I told my OB/GYN and he said it be probably hemmoroids even though he did not check. He said some women fill the whole stool near blood. Mine hasn't been that bad (and have been a mucous-like mixture as well) and since he did not seem concerned, I own tried not to worry. I'm guessing it has be all the changes within hormones plus the tremendous amount of pressure put in that area. Just get through lots of fiber and drink plenty of water. Hope this helps. You are getting close to assignment time and if it continues after giving birth, then have a more thorough nouns..
well because the doctor didn't find hemmorhoids doesn't mean nearby aren't any. The formation of hemmorhoids is very common contained by pregnancy, and bright red blood is almost always a sign of hemmorhoidal irritation. If you are obsessed in the order of this, then go see a proctologist and own a sigmoidoscopy done. To be safe go to your regular doctor. It is probably zilch but again to be safe... go.

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