31 weeks pregnant with poison oak, had for 4 weeks now?

I am pregnant and have have poison oak for over 4 weeks. I called my doctor and he said to just hold using over the counter ointment. Is there anything that will acquire rid of it fast. I have used clear gel, Caladryle, hydrocortizone cream, calamine ointment and spray. Nothings is working. I really want the shot to get rid of it but don't know how that would affect my toddler.
any suggestions

Answer:    Unfortunately, the toxin in poison ivy/oak/etc. is something that just have to run its course. Make sure you cover the blisters so that when they weep the fluid doesn't get on other parts of your body and continuously re-contaminate yourself. There is a product call Tecnu that can help wash sour the toxin when you are first exposed, but once you have open blisters that product is injudicious. Tecnu makes a clear gel (I think it's call Oak'n'Ivy but not sure) that is similar to caladryl but helped me more than regular caladryl lotion. Also there's a lotion call Sarna that has some anti-itching properties that has help me in the past. I doubt that your poison oak would affect the little one unless you had it over quite a bit of your body, but other check with your doctor when in doubt. It is possible for your doctor to present you a steroid shot that would suppress your immunity, and therefore suppress your aversion to the poison oak toxin, but you should discuss it with your doctor and make sure near aren't any better options, because pregnancy already naturally depresses your immune system to some extent and you don't want to breed yourself too vulnerable to outside infections..
I'm a big outdoors guy and I have have poison oak before. It's no fun, I know that, but you have no grounds to worry. Treatment will most likely own no effect on your baby, but you should check with your OB/GYN past you do anything else.

Your case sounds serious (as far as poison oak goes.) You may require prescription treatment such as strong cortisone cream, strong antihistamines, antibiotics if infection is present, and, within the worst cases, internal cortisone pills or shots. Do not worry about any of those. All it will be is a funny story to give an account your baby one day.

Get capably soon and get back to me if any of those worked.
Jake P

PS: I am not a doctor or any type of medical professional. I am freshly a high school freshman, and you should evidently take their advise over mine. So once again, I'm not a doctor, I simply want to be one when I grow up..
a steroid shot may be needed, but steroid shots are category C drugs which means there is no research done to show if they would truly affect the baby, but since you are 31 weeks it is probably ok, They actually grant steroid shots to help mature the babies lungs quicker for mothers within preterm labor

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