31 weeks pregnant with Crohn's Disease and having a horrible burning pain in my stomach??

I am going to call the doctors bureau when they open but for now i simply want to know if anyone else has been thru what i am going thru...
I am 31 weeks pregnant and my Crohns have been pretty good up until close to 4 days ago....Yesterday was the worst...I am losing my appitite, and i have this horrible aching in my stomach (like 4 fingers above my belly button location wise) Its making me nauseous, and even throw up, it get a lot worse after i eat or drink which make me think its my Crohns but even when its been a while since i tried to munch through iam still getting it which is making me really nervous...I dont know how to describe the pain...

Any information or experience anyone have had would be great...

Thank you!

Answer:    Is the pain contained by its usual spot? Its pretty high up for crohn's, but if thats normal and your small intestine is artificial then it might be it. Its possible this could just be a combination of the pregnancy and the crohn's. I own crohn's, but I've never been pregnant with it so I can't be much serve. If your symptoms don't fit your normal profile it might not be the crohn's so I would callyour GI and ob/gyn just to take home sure..
since, it is due to pressure of ur growing fetus, having oimpact on ur intestines. i think ur gynaecologist may back u out. all the best to u and ur growing child. An antacid might help..
I also hold Crohn's Disease. You have to be very fussy what you eat. Anything with fiber will set it sour , example beans. Also any thing like lettuce, cabbage, pop corn, peanuts. Now you are probably thinking what can I munch through? Some fruits are ok, not apples or grapefruit though. Potatoes cooked anyway except fried. Stay away from fried foods completely. If you are taking prenatal vitamins this will help with your diet. They will supply you next to whatever you need that you are not getting from foods. Good luck beside your pregnancy. I hope I have helped you some, I know it sounds dismal but if you are awfully careful what you eat it will fashion a difference.

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