30 minutes ago our helper said she couldn't breathe and she couldn't move her whole body. is it epilepsy?

i don't know what it is but i think it be a heart attack or epilepsy.. (our helper turned red and she was crying and truism she can't move her body and she can't breathe)

Answer:    it doesn't sound like epilepsy, i no because the symptoms or tiredness and fits..
Does this arise often? People who have seizure don't usually complain of having difficulty of breathing. It could be many things...if she or he have prior history of difficulty of breathing better have her checked by a doctor. Could be a panic attack wherein one hyperventilates afterwards just stiffens up because of decrease carbon dioxide. I don't conjecture it is epilepsy. My mother has epilepsy and she's never had that problem.
I'm pretty sure epilepsy is when you stand up for too long and you intervene out. Something like that. My mom has that start to her and I think she says it's because of epilepsy.

Tell your supporter to go see a doctor if she hasn't already!

Hope I could help!.
epilepsy is a subcategory of seizure, and are generally the type where you see the soul shaking. It may have been an bunking off seizure, but more likely be just a panic attack. Get her to a hospital. Sounds close to a heart attack or a stroke. With epilepsy she would be fitting. If heart attack or stroke its important to get her see by a medical team within 30 mins maximum xxxxx.
epilepsy usually involves saizures and loss of time when you look at blinking lights...

your PA may have had a heartache, not epilepsy, but im not a doctor on these things....
i hope you call an ambulance or doctor instead of coming here to get an answer.i notice you didnt mention whether she is ok presently. she might of had a small stroke i hope she will be ok. i just said a prayer for her!! god bless you and your people!! good luck.
Maybe it was a hysterics attack. no

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