24 years old male with high blood pressure?

I am a 23 years old manly and couple a weeks ago I found out that I have
a high blood pressure.I hold been working out for about 5 years immediately
and I used many different supplements like creatine, protein, amino acids
and caffeine staff. Three weeks ago I didn;t perceive good and I went to
the ER cuz my BP be 150/98 and they did a blood test and said that I am
ok and there is zilch wrong with my kidneys, heart, liver and I am
healthy, but couple a days after same entry happend and I had to go put a bet on
to the ER with the same BP reading. I got very terrified, they checked
me out again and they said anxiety is the problem. The doc
put me on 1mg Xanax pills for the anxiety and said that I ll be fine .Next day I
called cardiologist and go to see him, he sent me for additional blood
tests and urine test and EKG and ECHO cardiogram also. When the
results came he called me and he said that everything is compliteley common.
I stoped all supplements and work out. My BP is stil going up and
down.At daytime it's about 120-130/80 and after 5 6 pm it go up to

Answer:    It may be anxiety which could cause that problem. Another may either be a subtle problem beside one of your endocrine glands responsible for blood pressure like thyroid or adrenal gland. If it's consistently having glorious blood pressure at evening, then get a blood oral exam drawn at evening..
The readings you have be getting are only somewhat high. and your daytimes are clearly normal. It probably is anxiety and perhaps the caffeine, to be exact causing the elevated readings. Take your pills that the doc give you and relax... Certain things make my blood pressure spike. I use to smoke and it would go terribly high after a cigaarette. But there ias no concern. your bp is freshly a little high for your age. 120 over 80 is average. and you add 10 points every 10 years passed 30. Don't sweat it. and quit measuring yourself..
explicitly the begining of high blood preasure
drink more water
if over wt lose it
and slow down on the saline.
High blood pressure is nothing to overlook. IF that runs in your kith and kin with any member you may enjoy a genetic risk for that. Also, what type of excercise you do is a factor somewhat . This can raise it if you do strenuous work outs too.

I would use cinnamon to lower this. It REALLY does work as my parents use that and have have their dr. comment on how their blood pressure was down the next time they checked it.
The cinnamon have the effect to lower sugar levels and blood pressure. It can be had sprinkled on toast beside butter LIGHTLY applied (butter is artery clogging so use sparingly) or if you would eat oatmeal get the open-handed with cinammon or even try those bakery cinnamon rolls if you would prefer. Try it and see for yourself. Just take some on a daily basis and then either go and get the bp checked again in a few weeks or take the bp at a place that have a monitor to do that yourself. Some stores have it. Just relax first and take slow breaths as that can aid to not react to the bp cuff that tightens on the self done ones..
I also have dignified blood pressure. Exercising should help bring it down, but it sounds like the supplements you are taking may not be undamaging. There is a supplement that may help lower your blood pressure and also protects against heart disease and stroke. It improves athletic implementation also. It was just approved by the olympics drug screening board. I would suggest trying it and seeing if you surface better, it is completely safe!


you can bring it to your doctor!.
Your blood pressure will usually increase as the day go on but there are somethings that you can do that have help me.

Decrease or elininated caffeine (often hidden in pop as well)

Drink atleast eight to ten goggles of water a day

Decrease sodium intake (again masked in many places)

See your line doctor ( continuity of care) and he can set up a blood pressure machine to take you pressure every few minutes for ten to fifteen minutes. This can stamp out white coat syndrome and the bp is averaged to give the final result.

Weight loss (I don't know if it applies to you)

Take care,


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