23 male, having chest pain past couple months, now i can feel it in my left neck and jaw,?

when i first started having this spasm it was only within my chest, and went away sometimes, now i hold left chest pain and i discern slight numbness on my left neck and jowl and i can feel it all time for the past 4-5 days, been intake better and exercising but it doesnt seem to be going away, i have smoked marijuana for times past 4 years on a regular basis, and never had this notion, i had a stressful month past couple months i regard as i might have had a madness attack or something, also i moved to NC from florida, not sure if its the climate, i was not getting much exercise while i was going through a stressful term, but i wasnt in that bad of shape ive done a great deal of exercise in the past, i dont not smoke ciggaretts or drink alcohol, gonna stop smoking marijuana for a few days to see if that help, just wanted to achieve some feedback from anyone, thank you

Answer:    Anytime you have pain or even numbness surrounded by your body you need to see a doctor. Chest pain can be energy threatening. It also might be a pinched nerve, which is serious, but not immediately existence threatening.

It's difficult without health insurance. You can lately go to the emergency room.

You could also ask friends and coworkers to recommend a doctor (since you've had this condition for awhile, even though it seem to be serious). You can also search google for a free medical clinic near you.

This interconnect is for a free medical clinic in Concord, NC. I hope it's close to your location.

I'm going to be blunt. It's my thing.

CALL A DOCTOR. I don't know why empire, when they aren't feeling well, put bad this call.

It could be muscle tear, or it could be your heart. You'll never know unless you beckon.

Also, put down the pipe. Period. Pot smoking is as bad (and can be worse) as cigarette smoking, no matter what NORML claims..
With the exception of the age, it sounds similar to a prime candidate for a heart attack. A young age doesn't exclude you from a heart attack, and any unexplainable chest backache is a good reason to budge see a doctor. Go. You are probably having a heart attack! if you haven't already gone, have someone drive yo to the nearest emergency room or phone an ambulance!!.
I would go to the hospital and be checked out.

It may or may not be your heart but is sure sounds like it could be.

Heart disease can effect adjectives ages..
Many more young people are dying of heart disease or strokes in a minute a days. You need to be checked out insurance or not. go see a DR.
YES Go yess budge and ask then to scan ur cca !!.
You are experiencing classic warning signs of heart disease. See a doctor at once.

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