22 month old suddenly suffering from severe allergic reaction to food?

My daughter in the finishing week has begun to suffer from severe allergic reaction (hives, compromised airway) after eating flour, grapes, and milk. She processed this stuff before, but I must in a minute carry benadryl everywhere we go..... Does anyone know of any allergist within Illinois that might be willing to test her.
I own been told that they can only tryout on three year olds and above. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

Answer:    That is not true. They will test on younger children but not if you call directly. Most allergist want a referral from your doctor. Not lots will see young kids without it. The oral exam is simple. It is done as a blood test or a prick test. They are both natural. If you speak to your doctor he should be able to fix you up with what you stipulation. My daughter has alleries to food if it contacts her skin but she can eat it as long as it doesn't sit on her skin. If it get on her skin she gets big bubble blisters and rash. Good luck..
I do not know anything almost allergists in your area, but Infants, childish children, and even newborns can be tested for allergies, although the options for treating the allergies at these untimely ages are limited because the immune system is still developing. Testing involves making very tiny pricks on the surface of the skin to gage the criticism. This is not a risky procedure, and the docs can stop the allergic reaction by administering epinephrine.

With food allergies, the allergies are sometimes tested by trial-and-error with suspected foods, instead of skin test. The docs won't be able to do much more for you other than helping to identify the foods and prescribing something more important than Benedryl. With food allergies, the only option is to identify the foods cause the problems and keep those food out of the diet. A dietitian is helpful once the foods are identified.

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