21 year old needs advice from the ladies :(?

well this is it, i be having sex with my bf and for the first time within a long while it didnt hurt..... (he's really big and i have a problem with relaxing) but when he pulled out i be bleeding and then it hurt to have sex latter that day.so i decided to embezzle a look (few days later when hes not around). ok sorry for being pictographic here but i pulled the lips apart to get a better viewpoint (with a mirror) and i found a spot which runs along a vein....it looks like the small dots you'd find on the skin around the outer jaws which are harmless.....could that be what this is or have i get warts or do all women hold this coz its where the skin meets right at the bottom of the vagina, so cud merely be skin! another thing was on the side of the skin i be holding back when i removed my finger, where ego put pressure on it i found a blister looking thing which went away after an hour is this mundane? im going out of my mind here and have 2 weeks until my alredy arranged smear...

Answer:    Go to your OB/GYN and let he/she endow with you a true answer. You will never know, and it's going to drive you crazy if you don't find out. No one here is going to give you piece of mind. Only a doctor will. Go get a pap smear and a full exam.

Good Luck dear..
i wouldn't verbs too much because i have the same point... it's like, a wart on the thin skin at the bottom, yes? it's basically a tear maybe because it be a little too rough. be sure to keep it verbs and put special ointment. and the internal bleeding is probably because you might have your length... but if that is not the case, you might want to consider going to the gynecologist too enjoy it looked at.....hope i could help! :] You really need to capture checked out sooner rather than later. Because he is 'big' he could all right have damaged you internally if things get a bit over excited. You may have a skin tear which would explain the bleeding..
You are probably only irritated the bleeding is odd but it could be just spotting turn to the doctor if you are extremly worried but I really doubt it's an STD look one think i would advice you sorry but up to that time having (sex)tell your boy to wash his big one ok and after the wont be a problem.
I think your ok. always use KY jelly type product. it will not hurt as impossible and it won't irritate

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