When can I kiss my boyfriend since he’s have a strep throat?

My boyfriend had a strep throat since Thurday, which he is on medication for. He is surrounded by the Navy and we see each other twice a week. I don’t want to get hold of sick so we are not getting together this weekend as planned.

I wonder how he got it contained by the first place, but I trust him. My biggest concern is when do we get to be intimate again, eg kissing, hugging, and holding hand?

Answer:    strep throat is NOT A STD. I get strep throat commonly. I bet he has his tonsels too. It collects at hand usually. It is spread through the air. Wait until he finishes adjectives his meds.That way you know he's not contageious.

You can still hold foot and even have sex.I do. I only dont kiss, even if sex is more intimate. I just dont arbitrary it with kissing even though it is low to contribute it to my man. He has never gotten sick this passageway.
As soon as he is no longer contagious. The doctors will tell you once he have been on antibiotics for several days, but I vote wait until the infection is completely gone. He requests to complete all his antibiotic treatment first and own the doctor recheck another strep test to confirm that it's gone.
Be undisruptive and wait till he have finished his full course of antibiotics. Strep Throat is no longer contagious after 24 full hours of treatment- however, it really depends on how you feel something like it

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