20 weeks pregnant, do i have a kidney infection?

I am going to my doctors in in the order of an hour but i just wanted to bring back some opinions. My lower right back(side) really hurts, there is nil i can do to stop the pain. I have be peeing normal and it doesn't burn or anything. Does it sound close to a kidney infection, also, can it harm my baby?

Answer:    Kidney infections are adjectives in pregnancy. You don't always own to have any other symptoms then only just what you mentioned. If you have one they will treat it and you and the baby will be in recent times fine. If you do have one make sure you follow the directions of the doctor and
* Drink plenty of fluids, especially water. Drinking plenty of liquids can lend a hand remove bacteria from your body when you urinate. In particular, cranberry liquid may have infection-fighting properties.
* Urinate frequently. Avoid holding back when you quality the urge to void.
* Empty your bladder after intercourse. Urinating as soon as possible after intercourse helps to clear germs from the urethra, reducing your risk of infection. Also, drink a full glass of water to support flush bacteria from your urinary system.
* Shower rather than go in swimming. If you're susceptible to infections, taking a shower instead of a tub bath can help prevent excess moisture that can contribute to infection.
* Wipe watchfully. For women, wiping from front to back after urinating and after a bowel movement help to prevent bacteria in your anal region from spreading to your urethra.
* Wash calmly. Wash the skin around your vagina and anus carefully every day. But don't use relentless soaps or wash vigorously. The deft skin around these areas can become irritated.
* Avoid using feminine products in your genital area. Using feminine products, such as deodorant sprays or douches, surrounded by your genital area can irritate your urethra.

Congratulations and Good Luck!.
yes i would say so and i suffer near my kidneys also a lil advice when u get lower pay for cramping during pregnacy it usually means ur a bit dehydrated drink more dampen hun it will help if it is lower pain, it isn't kidneys, the kidneys rest at or above the instinctive waist line. I would think, that it is more expected pain from your back and hips adjust for childbirth.

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