What's the best remedy for diarrhea?

The best remedy is in the paw of doctors!
( sometimes yogurt works!)
Try to find out what foods aren't agreeing with you, afterwards cut them out or limit them within your diet.
banana's or just don't drink anything until you feel better.
Aloe Vera Juice will relief regulate your bowels. Very good for several bowel conditions including Chron's Disease.Also try Chamomile, Raspberry Leaf, Cayenne, Ginger.Good Luck.
hot sauce.
My doctor other recommended the "Brat" diet.
First, drink lots of water to hang on to hydrated. The "brat"

Hope it helps! :)
Immodium will stop it in haste. for long term oblige try a probiotic you can get at cvs. The best one is culterrelle lle its within a yellow box bring one a day
If your looking for something inborn,try bananas and/or yogurt.
If your thinking medicinal, try either Imodium or kayopeptate or peptobismol.(Sorry just about the spelling). If the diarrhea cantinues for more than 3 days, GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR!
You have to budge to the doctor.
If you just clutch Immodium, you may not be treating the diarrhea. For instance, if the diarrhea is due to Clostridium difficile, Immodium will do nothing for you, and you will verbs to have diarrhea. If this go on too long because you're waiting for the Immodium to work, you can get desiccated, and people hold died from Clostridium difficile. Go to the doctor to make sure you draw from the appropriate treatment for whatever you hold.
eat toast or other soothing foods which dont bring your stomach to work hard at digesting
you involve to know the cause of the diahorrea back you can treat it!!
get along to your doctor and find out the make happen first... then come support with a more specific cross-question.

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