2000 epilim for stroke sufferer having seizures not holding on 1200 epilim?

in july closing year my dad had a severe brain bleed, he had a craneotomy. he be put on epilim 400 and after 3 seizures is about to start on 2000 from 1200. does anybody enjoy any information on side effects and how he will function. he also suffers from Myleofibrosis a disease of the bone marrow. any information would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:    As is to be expected from all Pharmacological drugs,
there are adverse reaction

Depakote (Valproic Acid) Adverse Reactions
0: Days: M: 5762003: 4613462: 03/21/2005: Epilim: X: Drug Exposure During Pregnancy: Drug Exposure During ... 1: Day: F: 4157068: 4377691: 06/06/2000: 06/08/2004: Valproate Sodium: X: Congenital Anomaly, Drug Exposure ...


You must come to terms with the impending situation,
as age have an inevibility that is associated with it.

Only true hope in God, can help you to overcome such a traumatic time surrounded by the life of your beloved father.

as life is not guaranteed to any of us,
and you as a fully grown mature aught to be acutely aware of the reality....

Nevertheless, may you find comfort in God contained by this extremely difficult and trying time.

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