17 yrs old-diagn. 4yrs ago w/bipolar after 1 episode of depression -is it possible shes misdiagnosed?

My daughter was surrounded by 8th grade & went into a depression-Dr. give her anti-depressants-she responded to it with some sleepless nights and discussion more-she was overly happy-so Dr disgnosed her immediately beside Bipolar-we have ridden the medicine roller-coaster ever since. She have had continuous diarrhea, memory loss, headaches, blurry mirage, ovarian cysts, scarring acne and has never felt right-they hold adjusted her anti depressants higher after she has a blood draw and finds out lithium levels are wrong-she also be diagnosed with a thyroid disorder around the same time as the bipolar diagnosis. We be told lithium does that. Is it possible to keep you on Wellbutrin and Lithium at the right levels and you could NOT hold bipolar? It seems they just preserve adding more of something as she goes through typical teen stuff. Dr.-he only just said we could change RX again but to Trileptal-no talk of a misdiagnosis or revaluating. How do we catch a 2nd opinion w/out causing havoc? Where do we budge?

Answer:    I am really sorry to hear about this. I firmly blieve that a lot of Doctors are too express to diagnose something without fully investigating. Your daughter's mental health is worth any havoc. I in reality starred this question a couple of days ago and placed it in my watchlist to see if you received any moral answers. I honestly didn't know the answer. I was surprised to see no one have as of yet offered any solutions so I did some Googling. Hope this helps. Best of Luck!http://www.4woman.gov/tools/secondopinio...

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