16 year old with fever of 103.5?

- body is sore
- faints if she get out of bed or stands up to long
- if does not faint then go temerarly deaf/blind [if that makes any sense]
- has no apitite
- sometimes vomits
- sometimes itchy adjectives over body

I don't know what I have.

Answer:    I have have the flu a few times and here recent sounds like this is what it could be.
My temp stayed at and around 102.
I didn't want any food it was strong to keep liquids down. I go and get dizzy and feel like I be gonna pass out here and there. My body basically hurt all the time!
I went to the er they did some blood work and told me look close to you have the flu.
I would go to the doc and stay contained by bed try to keep fluids down and the main article is rest and plenty of it;)

The flu is no joke and it can really hurt you my cousin spent time in the hospital this year from it no event what they gave her to help her know how to keep fluids down nothjing worked. So she sat contained by the hospital with iv in her arm. Not getting any or anough fluids is seriously going to impair a person fighting the flue. Like the other poster said return with the to the doc your local er whatever. If your body isn't gettig enough fluids things to start to shut down. Best of luck!.
I reflect on you have the flu. Have you been to the Dr. on the other hand? If not, tyou need to call someone and hold them come and get you and take you in that. I think that you might be dehydrated. You stipulation to get fluids fast. You don't want the body to start shutting down. Did you look in a doctor? If not better call one...once I felt like peas in a pod thing and I had a begining of Minigits...I be completly cured after 2 months in hospital and these were the crucial sympthoms...please call a doctor it could be very dodgy and it could be nothing.
give acetaminophen or ibroprofen to control the confusion put cool wet rags on leader or shower to reduce fever without hesitation and most important get medical attention hell woman you have need of urgent medical treeatment call emergeny ambulance 999 immediately

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