12 month vaccine and autism.?

i got twins who merely turned one a boy and a girl. they are due for their 12 months vaccine, but some say that this vaccine is somehow related to the reason why some gits are autistic. i'm worried should i afford them the vaccine? is it ook to skip it? my older twins also a boy and girl had their 12 months vaccine three yeaars ago and they turned out fine, no signs of autism surrounded by either of them. please i need expert answers and counsel.

Answer:    You have absolutely no have need of to worry. The autism theory be based on a single paper by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, which have since been widely discredited. His information was anecdotal and unreliable, and several studies since own shown no link between the MMR jab and autism.

Dr. Wakefield is currently the subject of an investigation by the General Medical Council over the methods he used within his study. And the numbers of children suffering from measles, mumps and rubella have risen dramatically since the scare.

Please don't verbs, there's no evidence to suggest a link. Get your kids vaccinated - you unquestionably don't want them at risk of catching anything..
Don't pay attention to the celebrities (Jenny McCarthy, Holly Robinson-Peete). There's no credible association, and signs of autism can surface long before 12 months.

Autism is genetic, plain and simple. MMR can be very destructive, and fatal, so please vaccinate your kids..
Vaccines. Some are worse than others. Do research and check you background. Check out the manufacturer. I think you are right to be concerned. Two of my friends hold autistic children and they are looking for answers as well. Good luck to you! speak to GP he will give you guidance problems happen very not often but at end of day its your ring up your Mum will support you too talk your fears out with her too.
Wow. The other poster is grossly misinformed. The information is NOT taken from one source.


Here are several studies that you can read.

My son have autism. And though I am not one that believes that it is all the fault of vaccines, I know that vaccines are not as past the worst as many want to make it out to be. My son have only 1 MMR shot. We had his titers tested (the smooth of antibodies need to combat the immunized diseases) and his tested far above the suggested norm for one "immuned" For example, his Rubella is supposed to be around 15 to be considered immune. His tested at 88. And compared to a lot of autistic kids, my son's are relatively low. A friend of mine had her autistic son tested, and it be in the 300s.

There are also new studies, suggesting that vaccination might worsen a rare condition called mitochondrial dysfunction that contained by turn triggers certain forms of autism.

And just just this minute, a girl won in vaccine court, where they influence that her autism was affected by immunization.

If you feel the need to enjoy your child immunized. You can have them spread out, so they are not assaulted beside so many at one time. If you were to catch sick, would you prefer having your body fight a cold, or spar a cold, flu, chicken pox, and something else, all at the same time. It's really moderately silly how they set it all up.

Also, if I were you, I would enjoy titers done before having any booster shots. It's expensive, but you aren't going contained by blind. A friend of mine had her typical son tested, and his son's polio was tested at a existence time immunity.

They do booster and mass immunization for smoothness, not for what is best for the child..
I have 3 kids,all vaccines adjectives up to date and no problems here.You would totally hate you'rself if you didn't get it for them and they stop whatever it is you didn't give them the vaccine for.

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