11 year old with osteoporosis?

hey, im 11 years old. i enjoy a girlfriend. shes 11 too. but she was just diagnosed next to osteoporosis. is it curable? how can i help her with anything? i dont want anything bleak to happen to her because i love her and care around her very much. please tell me almost kids with osteoporosis, and keep her surrounded by your prayers.

P.S. if u wanna talk s*it about me cuz im a kid, ,i,,

Answer:    Hello,, I'm unbelievably sorry about your girlfriend. And I think your taking this resembling a real man, and I think it's wonderful that you charge so much about her. I've attached a link that tell about osteo, when you go within, just look on the left side of the page, and it have other links that tell you different things about this disease. I hope this help you to understand whats going on better. I'll keep you both contained by my prayers.
You might want to check here, it may be of some help to you!

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