Actifed Replacement?

I have taken actifed or the generic equivalent (pseudoephedrine and triprolidine) for allergy symptoms for heaps years. These over the counter medications enjoy all presently been reformulated and I can't procure the same drug anymore. Does anyone know where on earth I can find a medication with exactly like ingredients. This seems to be the individual thing that works for my symptoms.
Most of the drugs containing pseudoephedrine are presently kept behind the counter at pharmacies. You don't enjoy to have a prescription for them, you only have to ask for them and sign for them. (We hold the crystal meth epidemic to thank for this hassle.) When you go to the pharmacy, narrate them that you want something with this combination. I'm sure that they own something that will help you.

Good luck.
I hold the same issue. The topical formulation of Actifed is CRAP! I have taken Actifed for over 20 years and in a minute I'm down to my last 17 tablets. When it be no longer available at the local pharmacy, I started buying it at, but last week when I go to reorder it they now show it as discontinued. Two days ago I bought Claritin-D from trailing the counter and it's not working any. So I found Actifed at an on-line Canadian pharmacy. Evidently Pfizer can still manufacture it surrounded by Canada. So I put in an decree and I'm hoping what I get is matching formulation as the original Actifed. Good luck, I enjoy included a link to the site below.

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