10 month old brother is very sick.?

I caught a virus in university and got sick, runny nose and caugh. After a daylight or so, my 10 old brother caught up on me, and get the same things as I have. Caugh, runny snout and a tmpeture 37C+... Please help, my mom tells it is adjectives my fault he got sick, which i true but detail me what medecine we should take, because we called a doctor and he said they don't buy and sell with little babies with runny antenna and caugh.

Please help, I am going nuts and feel impossible or him, also he screams at night because he can just breath.

So what medicine does he need?
When will the disorientation go away?
Is there any damage after he is okay?

Please help I will give you 10 points please.... agree to me know wht is best

Answer:    hi Tara its not you're fault he is sick,just as its not you're criticize you got sick,you're mum is probably worried that's all,and taking it out on you,the first item to do is not to panick,deal with the toddler first by trying to bring his fever down, wet a towel beside cold water and wrap it around his head,that should start to lower the restlessness,without giving him any medication,then i suggest going to a pharmacy and relating them the symptoms and they will be able to tell you what is best for the child and yourself,i think he will be OK,i have be through this with my little girl,and she was fine after start next to the towel and try to bring the fever down that way,hang on to hydrating him with plenty of fluids water in the main,and if that fails then lug him to the emergency room and let the experts deal beside him,good luck i hope you both feel better soon and remember its not you're glitch,so take it easy..
By go past the doctor,wrap him up warm and take him to the local hospital,explain adjectives the symptoms to the reception and that the doctor refused to see your brother. At 10 months old,if he`s not teething and is running a warmth it could be more than just a runny nose and cough.A babys immune system isn`t as strong as an adults.These symptoms should be explored and diagnosed fast And I`d change my doctor! For fever a luke melt bath is great. My daughter used to get an unexplained hallucination and we would carry her to the hospital, they would give her a shot but no other hospital would do it. When her disorientation would go up we would immediately put her contained by a luke warm bath and run the hose down over her. You can also give baby tylenol as long as you keep hold of it every 4 hours apart. Childrens motrin as long as it is every 6 hours apart. But you can mix them. Like tylenol at 1 motrin at 4 then tylenol again at 6 then motrin again at 8. As long as you hold the tylenol 4 hours from another dose of tylenol and the motrin 6 hours before another dose of motrin. Good luck. and remember kids get sick and they carry well all the time. Don't permit your mom upset you sometimes they say things they don't mean.

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